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Mame SiSi

The Origin

Sisi was established in 1925 and represents the history of tights in Italy.

The brand resonates with quality and style in the fashion world, it is the absolute glamour brand of ladies’ hosiery and tights. Sisi has been able to export its style all over the world with vast distribution in Europe, Russia and Middle East. The Sisi woman is young but with clear ideas about style. The brand markets itself as irresistibly original, progressive and sensual, and always presents new ideas and as tights that are not only accessories, but a must for all women who pay attention to fashion trends and love fine details.

Mame SiSi
Sisi represents the history of tights in Italy.


 There are two main line of stockings and tights of the brand:

SISI CLASSIC lines, high in quality and crafted with special comfort yarns making them very comfortable for any occasion.
SISI MODA lines, rich in colour and design for a modern look, funny and sexy including a range of knee and ankle-highs.

The brand has always been dedicated to young and dynamic women who desire high quality products. Sisi joined Goldenlady Company in the 1980s. Initially, the distribution strategy focused on retail channel to subsequently extend to medium-high-end department stores. With sales in Italy, Europe and Eastern Europe, at present Sisi produces three different collections of stockings and tights, which are synonymous with a chic and young style and combine the latest trends of fashion with wearability and care for detail. The Classic collection consists of high quality articles, made with the finest fibres and offering different types of knits very pleasant to wear; the Moda collection displays a variety of colours and sensual and cheerful patterns; while the Studio collection is a selection of ankle and knee socks, all original and suitable for less formal occasions. Sisi has also entered the world of underwear with the Intimate collection: modern and refined lingerie, as well as knitwear made with soft and resistant yarns. Rich in colours, patterns and charm, Sisi beachwear is addressed to young women and can be found exclusively inside Golden Point stores.


Sisi is owned by the Goldenlady Group, a market leader in Italy with a share of 35% and a key player in all major European markets including France, Germany, Spain and England, through its subsidiaries and sales agencies. A key position is held in Russia and in Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Slovakia) thanks to a local distribution network that has established the Group’s products as symbols of Italian elegance. Also in the US market, the Golden Lady Company has been able to achieve a dominant role.

The Group closed 2016 with a turnover of around 200 million euros with a drop from the previous year which closed at around 280 million euros.

Mame SiSi
Goldenlady Group Chairman Nerino Grassi. The company that owns Sisi.

Current Situation

The Group today boasts of 13 production sites located in Italy, United States and Serbia, with an overall production of 400 million tights per year, distributed in 70 countries worldwide. The moving of its production to especially Serbia created an unwanted controversy for the company.

Nerino Grassi is the Chairman of the Group and the headquarters are located in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova), Italy.


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