H&M and Lee sustainable collection
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Sustainable Fashion: H&M and Lee Team Up

H&M and Lee team up to create the “next generation” sustainable collection.

Shortly after the announcement of H&M and Simone Rocha‘s collaboration. The Swedish fast retail company announce that they will be collaborating with denim brand Lee. The two brands have teamed up to create a sustainable collection that will include menswear, womenswear and kidswear. For the first time, H&M will produce a 100% recycled collection including jeans made from 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste. The collection will also include non-leather backpatches made from cork and jacron paper. In fact, the brand will share all the datas concerning the process of the garments fabrication from raw materials to end of use.

“The Lee and H&M collaboration clearly shows our efforts in making fashion sustainable and transparent. From the use of materials to water saving methods, we are pushing the boundaries and opening our doors for how you can design and produce denim garments. And we will also for the first time will share data indicating the water, C02 and energy impact of each denim garment during the production process,” said Pascal Brun, H&M’s Global Sustainability Manager about the collaboration.


H&M and Lee sustainable collection

What to expect from the H&M and Lee’s sustainable collection

The women’s H&M and Lee sustainable collection will include wide and loose jeans that reflects the 90’s vibes and the Lee’s original rider jacket will be recut with an oversized cocoon shape. Different styles will be available, denim corsets for a feminine look. While dungarees and overshirts for a more casual workwear vibe. As for the men’s collection, relaxed fit five pocket jeans are cut from 100% recycled cotton , workwear dungarees, bucket hats and tote bags will also be part of the style for the sustainable collection. Moreover, heavyweight jersey pieces will be available to complete the overall look. The advertising campaign features models, artists and activists such as Peter Dupont, Avery Ginsberg, Zinnia Kumar and Alima Lee. The collection is expected to drop in stores starting from the 28th of January and will also be available online.


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